50+ ways you can strengthen families. If not you, then who?

One of the most effective ways to prevent child abuse is to strengthen families. Below are 50+ ways for neighbors, community organizations, employers, people in the service industry, faith communities and you to strengthen families. 


•    Offer to baby-sit so parents can get a little break
•    Be a listening ear for a neighbor who is struggling
•    Coordinate a meal sign-up calendar for new parents or a neighborhood family in need
•    Organize a block party so families can meet each other
•    Start or participate in a carpool to help families
•    Increase social connections by introducing yourself to a new neighbor or saying hello to your neighbors by name
•    Get to know the children in your neighborhood and ask them how they are doing
•    Ask a family if they need something picked up the next time you run to the store
•    Run an errand, shovel snow, or do yardwork for a parent in your neighborhood
•    Invite a neighborhood family to your home for dinner
•    Donate children’s used clothing, furniture and toys for use by another family


Community Organizations

•  Post the Colorado early learning and development guideline videos to your social media channels earlylearningco.org
•  Raise awareness of child safety issues and helpful childproofing information
•  Organize a moms’ or dads’ night out
•  Put children’s books in your lobby and waiting areas 
•  Schedule family events at different times of the day and on different days of the week so that more families can participate
•  Add information about family-friendly resources on neighborhood websites like Nextdoor 
•  Remind people it’s okay to ask for help
•  Host a play group at a local recreation or community center
•  Collaborate with childcare centers and schools by joining PTOs, volunteering in classrooms, participating in fundraising and more
•  Recognize a child or family in distress and offer assistance
•  Provide parenting education classes for parents and for students before they become parents
•  Connect parents to one another and to important resources for support


•  Check in with mothers and fathers to see how they are doing
•   Promote a culture where it is okay for employees to reach out and ask for help
•   Participate in an employee assistance program (EAP) or maintain a list of available resources to support families
•   Learn where your public officials stand on kids’ issues and use your vote to support families
•    Allow for flexibility in scheduling where possible
•    Work with employees to manage workload in times of added stress
•    Create a community brag board so employees can show off kids, pets, homes and hobbies
•    Support maternity/paternity leave for new parents (including adoptive and foster parents)
•    Offer “lunch and learns” for employees wanting to learn more about child development 
•    Involve your business in community events
•    Sponsor a day of service for all employees to volunteer with programs working to strengthen families

Service Industry

•  Make family-friendly spaces or activities available at your establishment
•  Smile and lend a hand to customers who are having a tough time with their children 
•  Offer to load groceries or other packages into the car for a parent with kids
•  Hang fliers about community events or helpful resources for parents and families 
•  Notice positive parenting moments and compliment the parents
•  Say hello to children and offer them a high five
•  Be kind to parents with kids in your establishment, especially when one of their children is melting down
•  Organize a fundraiser to support a local nonprofit serving families 
•  Help a parent who is juggling kids and suitcases on an airplane 
•  Include information about local family support programs on menus

Spiritual Community

•  Remind parents that it’s okay not to know how to do everything
•  Learn the signs for post-partum depression and how to help
•  Share articles, tips and/or resources in your newsletter about coping with parenting challenges
•  Encourage and support parents in getting involved and increasing their connections
•  Make it a tradition to bring new parents meals to help make the transition to parenthood easier
•  Offer financial support or goods to families who are struggling
•  Host family-friendly events
•  Train staff and volunteers to create safe environments for children
•  Offer space for parenting classes or support groups in your community
•   Get involved in developing the missing services needed by children and families in your community
•   Support youth who are leaving the foster care system
•   Become a mentor for a young mother or father
•    Conduct a parenting book drive for the local library 

Spread the word

Visit the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Toolkit to download a flier highlighting the 50+ ways for neighbors, community organizations, employers, people in the service industry and spiritual community to strengthen families.