Institutional Abuse

Some children and youth reside in an institution, such as a group home or psychiatric care facility. Child protective service employees must ensure children’s and youth’s safety while they are in an institution’s care. It is possible that any form of abuse or neglect may occur while a child or youth is in the care of an institution.

If the maltreatment is caused by employees of the institution, it is classified as institutional abuse. Whenever anyone is aware of any form of child maltreatment occurring while the child or youth is in the care of an institution, they should make a report.

Child's chalk drawing

Some Common Examples of Institutions Include:

  • Emergency care facilities;
  • Licensed foster, pre-adoptive or kinship care homes for children or youth in the custody of a County Department of Human Services;
  • Runaway shelters;
  • Division of Youth Correction facilities
  • Licensed child care homes and facilities
  • Youth group homes and group centers
  • Residential facilities; and
  • Acute psychiatric care facilities.