Family First Training & Resources

There are a lot of information and trainings available about Family First. We are committed to providing accurate and relevant information to help everyone understand and successfully implement Family First. We think these resources will help.

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Fact Sheets, Forms and Background Information

Find a collection of national resources as well as Colorado-specific materials. Looking for a Colorado form or policy? Find links to document repositories here.

Family First Implementation Guide for Counties

The Colorado Department of Human Services and the Colorado Human Services Directors Association have created a guide to support county directors in the implementation of Family First by providing high-level information for directors and balancing detail when appropriate for major system changes. 

Judicial and Legal Community 

Family First designates Colorado’s Court Improvement Program (CIP) to train judicial officers and legal professionals on key provisions of this legislation. In Colorado, CIP has and will continue to collaborate with the following stakeholders to help increase understanding of the significant changes brought about by the passage of Family First: Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Respondent Parents’ Counsel, Office of the Child’s Representative, County Attorneys’ Association, County Human Services Directors Association, The Juvenile Justice Community and Local Best Practice Court Teams.

Financial Claiming Under Family First 

Watch four training sessions and find answers to follow-up questions. 

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Child Welfare Training System

Colorado’s Child Welfare Training System (CWTS) prepares professionals to implement provisions of Family First in their daily work.