Join the Colorado Foster Youth in Transition to Adulthood grant advisory committee

HB 21-1094 the Foster Youth in Transition Program was signed into law on June 25, 2021. One provision in this bill creates the Foster Youth Successful Transition to Adulthood Grant Program which requires the implementation of an advisory committee.

Members of the advisory committee will be responsible for attending at least two meetings (out of four or more scheduled meetings annually), at minimum, each state fiscal year for a set of two years. The committee will discuss and make recommendations on new and existing Chafee programs including but not limited to fundings methodology, application process and the implementation of the state grant program.

It is required that the advisory board have membership from the following groups:

  • Two Directors of county Departments of Human or Social Services (or their designee)
  • Two Directors of Runaway and Homeless Youth Providers (or their designee)
  • Two youth who have previously received services through a Chafee program 

CDHS Boards and Commissions is looking for applicants with experience working with young people in the foster care system, experience working with underrepresented groups/populations and young people who have received Chafee services or participated in the Foster Youth in Transition Program in the past and are no longer receiving services.

The advisory committee positions will be posted through November 17, 2023.  Interested parties should fill out the application here.

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