Family First Office Hours – April 2022

family first office hours

Going forward for the foreseeable future, we will continue to provide Family First Implementation Updates at the following meetings:

  • The Child Welfare Sub-Policy Advisory Committee (Sub-PAC) on the 1st Thursday of each month at 10:45 AM
  • The Division of Child Welfare Family First Town Hall on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 3:00 PM
  • The Division of Child Welfare Provider Town Hall on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM

Here are upcoming scheduled events: 

  • Thursday, April 7th at 10:45 AM – Child Welfare Sub-PAC (Google Meet link)
  • Thursday, April 14th at 3:00 PM – DCW Family First Town Hall (Google Meet link)
  • Tuesday, April 26th at 10:00 AM – DCW Provider Town Hall (Google Meet Link)

Please note, these are open forum and public meetings so specific cases cannot be discussed. If you have a question that requires the discussion of confidential information, please contact your county intermediary. Providers can also contact their Licensing Specialist.

Written communications are being sent out via:

  • Memos
  • The OCYF Newsletter, and
  • The Directors Digest

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