Brittany Gallant - Colorado Child Welfare Life Changer

November 14, 2018

Brittany Gallant, pictured above along side Reggie Bicha, CDHS executive director and Minna Castillo Cohen, CDHS director of the Office of Children, Youth and Families, is with Arapahoe County Human Services. She has been with the department for two years and was nominated by CDHS Administrative Review Division reviewer Mathew Baker for her work on a case that has not yet closed.

Brittany is working with two young teenage parents whose infant child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, is developmentally delayed in multiple areas, and uses a g-tube. Although not quite there yet, Brittany recently advocated for, and the court subsequently granted, the approval for the department to go beyond the expedited permanency planning guidelines due to the child’s parent’s compliance with their treatment plans.

In addition to empowering the child’s parents to engage in their own treatment services, attend their child’s health care and developmental appointments, seek outside medical training, attend facilitated family meetings and court hearings, and continue with their own educations, Brittany has also helped foster an incredibly collaborative relationship between the child’s foster parent and biological parents throughout this case.  

The child’s mother even shared that Britany and the foster mother have been pivotal to their success and maturation as parents over the life of this case.The fact that this relationship exists even though the court previously deemed the child’s foster parent to be the child’s permanent home, should reunification not be possible, makes it even more impressive.

It is very clear that Britany has established a clear, open, and honest line of communication between the foster parents, child’s biological parents, herself and the GAL throughout this case. She has been open and honest about the concurrent permanency plan, should a lack of progress become an issue. The child’s parents repeatedly expressed their gratitude for the effective collaboration and transparency between the entire professional team.

After receiving the nomination, we asked Arapahoe County, her supervisor, her teammates and other folks, to tell us a little bit more about Brittany and they said:

"Brittany embodies what we want from child welfare workers: she is passionate about her clients, hard-working, detail oriented, thoughtful, curios and always has a positive attitude about the work and the families even when it is incredibly difficult. She has a bright future in this field and we are lucky to have her at arapahoe county. "  - Nate Winegar & Andrew Olson, Permanency Administrators.

Brittany is an awesome caseworker.  she advocates tirelessly for the families that she serves. She sees the potential and the strengths in each child and parent while balancing critical decision making to ensure safety.  Brittany takes her role in the lives of arapahoe county families very seriously and the county is fortunate to her!  - Teresa Chavez, Permanency Supervisor.

There are several components that make a phenomenal child protection caseworker, and it’s an inspiration to see them exemplified through Brittany's practice. Her passion, integrity and desire to serve is not only felt within the community but on our team as well. always lending a helping hand without complaint and going the extra mile to find an out of the box solution for her clients.  She consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic that has inspired those on her team when times have been hard. it's both an honor and an absolute joy to witness a member of our team receive recognition for her hard work. way to go brittany!!  - Brittany’s teammates.

The Colorado Department of Human Services was proud to present Brittany Gallant with a Colorado Child Welfare Life Changer Award at the 2018 Colorado Child Welfare Conference. We know, Cheryl Ternes, Arapahoe County Human Services executive director, and all of the staff at Arapahoe County, joins the Colorado Department of Human Services in thanking Brittany for all that she does.

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