Colorado Kinnected Exemplary Status

On March 21, 2024, Colorado Kinnected, Colorado’s kinship navigator program was one of 12 programs nationally to be distinguished as an exemplary program by the Grandfamilies & Kinship Support Network: A National Technical Assistance Center. For a kinship/grandfamilies policy, practice, or program to be considered “exemplary,” it should be well-defined, meet the needs of its intended recipients consistently and effectively, and be sustainable over time.

Colorado Kinnected supports kinship families with a whole family systems approach, not just the child or youth in placement. It is also the only model nationally that includes family search  and engagement — strategies that help locate and engage family members and non-relative kin as placement options and/or support for children and youth who enter out-of-home care — and family engagement meetings.

Recognized over the years for its innovative and inclusive supports, the program’s most recent “exemplary” designation recognizes the effectiveness of its evidenced-based approach and its leading policies, practices, and programs.

Through the use of Colorado Kinnected, children/youth being cared for by a kinship caregiver experienced the following outcomes:

  • 57% more likely to be reunified with a parent
  • 51% less likely to move to higher levels of care
  • Kinship caregivers received an average of 4 additional contacts from their kinship navigator, including 1 additional face-to-face contact
  • Kinship caregivers received an additional 2 support services

To be considered for this recognition, a program must focus on a distinct policy, practice, or program, including a culturally based or culturally specific program, or it may incorporate elements of multiple policies, practices, and programs. Exemplary efforts that promote cross-system collaboration on behalf of kinship/grandfamilies are of particular interest.

Learn more about the program here.

This announcement came on the same day that CO Kinnected received an upgraded rating of “supported” by the Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse. 

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