Treatment Foster Care

Today in Colorado, 831 children and teens live in a group home or residential treatment facility getting the behavioral support that they need to stabilize from the trauma that they have endured. However, many of those 831 young people are ready to live with a foster family and they could benefit from treatment foster care.

Treatment foster care parents

Treatment foster care parents are highly trained to provide intensive treatment and care. They typically care for one young person at a time. Treatment foster care parents are a part of a young person’s care and treatment team. They receive additional case management resources, training and reimbursement.

We need adults who are committed to working with young people with serious emotional, behavioral and mental health needs to become treatment foster care parents. This could include individuals who have worked in the education, counseling or medical fields.

Meet Colorado treatment foster care families

Treatment foster care is a type of foster care in which young people who have serious emotional, behavioral and mental health symptoms receive treatment from a highly trained foster parent in a home. In some instances, once a young person has stabilized in a residential treatment facility, treatment foster care provides a home setting where they can continue to receive treatment and overcome their past traumatic experiences. Meet Colorado treatment foster care families.


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