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You don’t have to be a hero to change a young person's life. Meet ordinary people from throughout Colorado who are making our state a better place for children.

Foster Care: Roseanna and Andrew

Roseanna and Andrew Elizondo became foster parents in 2013 when they decided to adopt a child through the foster care system, and they continue to foster today. In fall 2016, the Elizondos briefly cared for a five-week-old infant. Just one week after their infant foster son reunited with his mom, Andrew and Roseanna got an unusual call. The mom and her baby needed a new place to live. Without any local family able to take them in, the Elizondos were the young mom’s only option. Roseanna admits that they had never done something like this before – providing housing for a former foster child and his mom – but they said yes. For three months, the Elizondos provided this young mom and her son with a home, stability, safety, food and transportation. Now that the mom has moved to California to live with family, the Elizondos stay in touch on Facebook and texts, and know that they didn’t just care for a child – they provided a haven for a family.

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