Meet ordinary people who are making our state a better place for children.

Foster Care: Hope and Kyle

The Forti family had just welcomed their first son when they decided to become foster parents to provide a safe home for children who had experienced abuse and neglect. As CASAs (court-appointed special advocates), Hope and Kyle were familiar with the child welfare system. They are now foster parents for a child they met through CASA of the Pikes Peak Region. Finding balance is important to Hope and Kyle, so they routinely schedule breaks and find time for themselves. They want others who are thinking about foster care to know that being a foster parent isn’t that different from being a biological parent. You can still be you and do the things you enjoy when you’re a foster parent. 

Sadly, Kyle Forti died in a helicopter crash in Kenya. Hope said "Kyle was not primarily a political strategist or adviser. He was primarily a husband and father, as so many of you have written. He wanted that to be his primary identity." With his family's blessing, we're continuing to share their family story on our website to inspire others - especially men - to become foster parents. Read what Kyle had to say about being a foster dad.

If not you, then who?
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