Ashlette and Eric always knew they wanted to be foster parents. Shortly after their first son was born, they began their foster-to-adopt journey as kinship parents for Eric’s cousin. Since then, Eric and Ashlette have adopted seven children, including multiple sibling sets. As foster parents, Ashlette and Eric have cared for 29 children and youth who have reunited with their biological families. Having been in foster care at a young age, Ashlette is dedicated to keeping siblings together and maintaining connections to biological family members. Although Eric is deaf and Ashlette is legally blind, they teach their children that having a disability doesn't need to stop anyone from living life to the fullest. This competitive family of 10 enjoys cheering each other on at sporting events and competing in family games.

Adoption: Meet Ashlette and Eric

Meet ordinary people who are making our state a better place for children.

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