Child Maltreatment Prevention Framework Tools

Tools to help community partners use the Child Maltreatment Prevention Framework. Sort this toolkit by Featured to group similar tools together.


Prevention Measurement Guide

The prevention measurement guide can assist communities in identifying ways to measure the impact of primary prevention strategies and strategies that are aimed at the community and society levels of the social ecology using population-level data sources.

Planning to Prevent Child Maltreatment – Progress Report

July 2019 progress report on the Colorado Child Maltreatment Prevention Framework for Action:

Child Maltreatment Prevention Community Planning Brief

Findings from the first cohort

Child Abuse and Neglect Planning Literature Review

This literature review was undertaken to provide states and local communities useful guidelines for selecting specific interventions and, more importantly, building an infrastructure to support high-quality implementation.

Colorado Child Maltreatment Prevention Framework for Action Poster

A poster to understand the Child Maltreatment Prevention Framework for Action

Child Maltreatment Prevention Community Planning Toolkit

This toolkit will provide states and local communities specific assistance in formulating collaborative investment decisions across multiple options to promote child safety; identifying a common set of benchmarks to guide all high priority interventions and policy changes; and creating a set of implementation strategies to more effectively move ideas into practice.

Facilitator Checklist of Tasks for Community Planning Grantees

Facilitators can use this checklist to ensure community planning follows the tasks outlined in the Colorado Child Maltreatment Prevention Framework for Action Toolkit

Sample Community Profile

Identify trends and data, risk factors and protective factors for your community.

Indicators to Measure Progress on Shared Outcomes

Suggested indicators to measure outcomes when using the Colorado Child Maltreatment Prevention Framework for Action

Strategy Prioritization Rating Tool

Use this tool to rate how well the potential priority meets specific criteria.

Sample Action Plan Template for Local Child Maltreatment Prevention Plan

Developing an action plan is a helpful way to solidify activities and identify partners, financial resources, and other inputs that are important to initiating change in your community. Use this template to guide prevention efforts during the eight-month planning period.

Hosting a World Cafe Conversation

World Cafes are an easy-to-use method for creating a living network of collaborative dialogue around questions that matter in service to real work. This guide will help you host a World Cafe conversation.

Community Cafe Questions

The purpose of the café is to gather feedback from parents about their experiences raising their children in the community and what could make it an even more supportive environment.

Sample Parent Survey Feedback Report (includes the survey tool that can be used in your community)

This survey includes information about parent demographics, their familiarity with and use of community services, their own family needs and resources, and their perceptions of how supportive their communities are for raising children.

Colorado Survey and Focus Group Report

In order to better understand how Colorado parents view these issues Chapin Hall, in partnership with the Colorado Office of Early Childhood, conducted a brief survey and held a series of focus groups for caregivers. The purpose of this report is to summarize the findings from the survey and focus groups and to outline how these discoveries might influence the content of the state’s child abuse prevention plan.

Child Maltreatment Prevention Community Planning Evaluation Report

Key findings and outcomes.

Racial Disparities in Perceptions of Community Supports: Implications for Policy, Practice, and Research with Children and Families

In partnership with Chapin Hall, the Colorado Office of Early Childhood (OEC) created a brief parent asset survey in 2016 to better understand how Colorado parents perceive service access, culturally responsive supports, and informal supports

The survey tool has been administered across the state over the past five years and the data set now has more than 5,000 surveys. The purpose of this report is to inform data-informed policy, practice, and research recommendations that move upstream and emphasize a comprehensive, prevention-forward approach to equity and access in family strengthening efforts and outcomes.