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At A Love Beyond Borders, our mission is to ensure safe, permanent, nurturing families for children who might otherwise remain without a family, a home, and opportunities for a better life.

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A Love Beyond Borders provides adoption services to qualified singles and married couples, without regard to race, creed, sexual orientation (within the scope of international law), religion or marital status.

Most foreign adoption programs have flexible guidelines as determined in the foreign country, but sometimes an adoption agency itself sets specific or restrictive criteria for adoptive parents. That is one reason for the discrepancy of requirements which a prospective adoptive parent may find from agency to agency.

At A Love Beyond Borders we require that prospective adoptive parents meet the guidelines set forth by the foreign country, which often include single men (although with limited options) and single women, older parents, and families with a large number of children already in the home. A Love Beyond Borders offers assistance to both individuals/couples seeking to become parents and children in need of parents, and brings the two together; children needing a home and people wanting a child to love. The first question is how to get started. Learn more.


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If not you, then who?
Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline
Available 24 hours a day, every day. Don't hesitate to call and get help. 
Anyone witnessing a child in a life-threatening situation should call 911 immediately.