KidsCare Home Health


KidsCare Home Health is a pediatric home health agency serving Texas, Colorado and Idaho. We focus on nursing, speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy as well as provide case management for children ages zero through 21.

KidsCare Home Health has been providing quality pediatric home health care in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex since 2003, when speech therapist and company owner Cortney Baker started treating children in their homes.

Her belief that therapy is most effective when conducted one-on-one, in a familiar environment that includes family members and caregivers led to the creation of a company that has since grown to include close to one hundred speech, physical, occupational therapists, and nurses, and over 1,000 patients and branches across Texas and Colorado; however, that original commitment to providing quality health care to every child serviced has never changed.



KidsCare Home Health employees demonstrate a commitment to the pursuit of quality in service to our patients, their families, and our communities.


Accountability is the consistent pursuit for a higher level of professional excellence.


Results are the successful achievement of goals through hard work and determination.


KidsCare Home Health employees will act in the highest standard of ethical conduct by doing the right thing – even when no one is looking.

Home Therapy

Our therapists are committed to excellence and diversified in a variety of areas including: Physical, Occupational, and Speech/Language Therapy. With compassion and commitment to professionalism, our therapists serve our kids at KidsCare with the highest quality.


Helps improve:

·        Range of motion

·        Gross motor skills

·        Balance and strength

·        Coordination

·        Functional mobility and gait (walking)


Helps improve:

·        Verbal and non-verbal communication skills

·        Speech production

·        Articulation

·        Understanding and expressing language

·        Feeding / swallowing

·        Social skills


Helps improve:

·        Upper extremity strength and coordination

·        Fine motor skills

·        Visual perceptual / visual motor skills

·        Self-care skills

·        Sensory processing and modulation skills



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