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A Family in Bloom Adoption, located in Boulder County, helps create and grow families through adoption. We help families fulfill their adoption dream. Our mission is to accomplish this goal through quality personalized service, with a commitment to high ethics and financial integrity. Central to the agency’s philosophy is the belief that every child deserves a loving, secure and permanent family. Respect, care and understanding are integral to our work with birth parents. The agency works with any applicant, birth parent or on behalf of an adoptive child regardless of race, ethnicity or national origin.

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Adopt - foster care

A Family in Bloom Adoption has a domestic adoption program working with waiting children through the adoption exchanges for our Colorado families. The children available for adoption are coming out of the county foster care system, with their biological parents’ rights already having been or soon likely to be so. The presumption from the start of the placement is permanency and adoption. Waiting children are to be found in counties in the 50 states throughout the United States. There is the greatest need for permanent families for school-aged children and teenagers.

Private and international adoption

A Family in Bloom Adoption works in tandem with private attorneys abroad, NGOs in foreign countries and foreign public authorities, dependent on the adoption process for a given foreign country.

The vast majority of our international adoptive parent families live outside of Colorado. In that case, our agency has contractual partnerships will collaborative Domestic Provider adoption agencies to perform home studies and post-placement work.


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