New training opportunity - Engage the non-offending parent to support a child’s recovery

One of the most important factors in a child’s recovery from sexual abuse is having a supportive parent. But how do you start to understand the dynamics and impact of child sexual abuse on both the child victim and the non-offending parent? And how do you address the needs of the non-offending parent, who is often considered a secondary victim to the abuse?

Take the new course Considerations for Engaging the Non-Offending Parent.

Through a web-based training and a two-day interactive classroom session, you’ll:

  • explore your personal reactions and attitudes surrounding the role of the non-offending parent,
  • learn approaches and skills to uniquely engage non-offending parents in the initial stages after disclosure, and
  • gain greater insight into the needs and strengths of non-offending parents.

And you’ll grow your ability to translate your understanding of the non-offending parent’s  unique constellation of needs and strengths into your approach to engagement. 

Learners receive 13 training credit hours for completing this hybrid course.

Visit our website to register for this class or others.

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