Don't wait to order pinwheels, a symbol of the great childhoods all children deserve

The blue pinwheel is the national symbol for the great childhoods all children deserve. This year, Colorado Department of Human Services is proud to embrace the pinwheel as the official symbol for April Child Abuse Prevention Month. Pinwheel gardens will be going up all over Colorado to show solidarity on behalf of Colorado kids in April. Don't wait to order yours until the last minute. Visit Illuminate Colorado's website to reserve some today. 

We all play a role in children's lives. "Whether you are an employer enacting policies that impact the work-life balance or a neighbor who offers parents time away from stress, we all have an effect on the lives of children. The responsibility is ours to contribute to the kind of nation in which we want to live. When all children don’t have equal opportunity for healthy growth and development, we put our future as a society at risk. Every day is your call to action and an opportunity for you to recognize that we all play a role in children’s lives.

Children are our future. Our most basic obligation is to support the healthy development of our nation’s children. The great childhoods we want for our children require a loving and supporting environment. Children who are raised in supportive and stable environments are more academically and financially successful, and great childhoods help children grow into productive, contributing adults who help their community, and our country, be prosperous and competitive in the global economy."

Stay tuned for the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness Campaign's efforts in April, which will have a pinwheel photo contest, capturing happy images of pinwheel gardens all around the state!

Source: Prevent Child Abuse America, Pinwheels for Prevention,


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