You Are Appreciated. You Are Admired. You Are Applauded - A Message For Foster Parents.

By Maggie Petock

This message is for the one who has woven the Gandhian phrase Be the Change You Wish to See in the World into your own personal identity. For the individuals and families who walk the talk. This is for you, our Beloved Colorado Foster Parent Community.

For when you find yourself in a difficult position as a foster parent, I hope that in that moment, these words bring meaning to you.

You are appreciated for welcoming young people into your home.

You are appreciated for demonstrating an unwavering understanding and a calming patience that these young people need.

You are admired for the way you handle the good, the bad and the ugly of trauma-induced expressions.

You are appreciated for upholding your promise to these children and teens – that what has happened to them in the past, will never happen to them while they are in your home.

You are admired for your humility.

You are appreciated for your ability to have fun, and to make light of certain situations.

You are applauded for the structure, supervision, open communication and learning opportunities that you prioritize in your home.

You are appreciated for instilling important life lessons, modeling family values, co-parenting and being a tremendous team player.  

You are appreciated for making every young person in your home feel like it is okay to indulge in their own childhood!

You are loved for making each individual in your home feel at ease.

And you are appreciated for reminding us all that humanity, in its’ truest form, is being fearless in the face of judgement and being the change for children in our community who deserve to feel loved, to feel protected, and to feel worthy of a life as beautiful as in the storybooks.

From your team of Colorado Foster Care Professionals,

You have earned our respect, and you have earned our unwavering support.

I hope you feel the change you effect is seen, but more importantly – appreciated.

Maggie Petock, M.Ed., is the Foster Care Recruitment & Licensing Specialist at Griffith Centers for Children Chins Up. She and her colleagues support and train foster parents. To learn more about their work and about Griffith Centers for Children Chins Up, visit

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