Unlock the 2020 Child Abuse Prevention Toolbox today!

February 10, 2020

Communities have a big influence in families’ lives. Just like a plant is more likely to thrive in a garden with good soil and plenty of sunlight and water, families are more likely to thrive in nurturing communities. Every year, hundreds of organizations and passionate advocates and volunteers come together in Colorado and throughout the nation to make raising awareness for the prevention of child abuse a priority in April. 

This year, the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign in Colorado is offering much more to give local communities and individuals the tools to inspire a conversation in your organization, classroom, neighborhood, county and community in April and all year long. 

Tools in the toolbox include:

  • Sample talking points, 
  • flyers, proclamations, 
  • Social media content and much, much more!    

Take a minute to unlock the tools in the Pinwheels for Prevention Colorado Campaign Toolbox and visit the new website at COPinwheelsForPrevention.org.

The Colorado Human Services Directors Association is a proud organizing sponsor of the Pinwheels for Prevention Colorado Campaign in 2020. For the first time, every county human services department in Colorado will receive a FREE Pinwheel Garden if you order BEFORE March 1, 2020.  

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