Two new RFAs to support the implementation of Family First

August 27, 2021

The Colorado Department of Human Services has released two Request for Applications (RFAs) to bolster efforts to implement Family First in Colorado. The RFAs are:
  1. 2022000045 RFA for Family First SB21-278. Per SB21-278, CDHS is dedicating 15% of the state's Family First transition funds (a little more than $1.1 Million) to supporting residential placement providers in the transition to a business model that ensures alignment with Family First, as well as Medicaid eligibility for children and youth placed with the provider. Please read the RFA and instructions below closely, as this funding will be available in multiple rounds through January 1, 2023. The first round closes on September 30, 2021. 
  2. 2022000042 RFA for Family First Placement Continuum. The second opportunity dedicates $500,000 in Family First transition funds to building out a comprehensive placement continuum across the state. This opportunity includes efforts to serve high acuity youth in family-like settings; recruitment and retention of therapeutic and treatment foster homes; enhanced supports for foster parents and kinship families; and efforts to better understand and respond to the needs of Colorado’s children and youth in all types of care. Instructions for accessing the RFA are below. This opportunity has a closing date of September 21, 2021.
How to apply
  • Visit the Colorado VSS website: 2X1/AltSelfService (registration is not required).
  • On the left side of the Colorado VSS page, please click the public access button.
  • When redirected to the new page, search by solicitation number or title (2022000045 RFA for Family First SB21-278 or 2022000042 RFA for Family First Placement Continuum).
  • After finding the solicitation, click on details located just below the solicitation title.
  • When redirected to the details page, click attachments on the menu bar just below the solicitation.
  • This will bring up the solicitation and associated documents available to download, including the application.
  • Submission instructions are on the solicitation. Submissions will be sent to via email to a account.
[Note: The direct VSS is not working for some users. On the VSS homepage ( there is a "Click Here for VSS System'' button in the middle of the page, which should take users to the link above. If that is not loading correctly, please visit this resource page:]
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