Training Opportunity - SMART Family Service Planning, April 6th in Rifle

What part of case planning challenges you? Whether you are new to writing Family Services Plans or have years of experience, this one-day course will build on your current skills and strengthen your ability to write clear, measurable, and culturally responsive plans. 

Bring a copy of one of your own past or present Family Services Plans with the family name blacked out. Together, in a safe, solution-focused environment, we’ll share a variety of case examples and refine our ability to

  • develop SMART objectives that reflect a change in behavior,
  • scaffold action steps for success, and
  • devise strategies that measure success to ensure that behavior change is occurring and that the areas of current or impending danger and/or risk factors that initiated the Family Services Plan are being addressed.

Creation of a Family Services Plan, commonly referred to as a “road map” for families, can encounter obstacles. As we develop SMART plans to address areas of current or impending danger and/or risk factors, we will anticipate barriers families may face and identify strategies to support them in achieving success.

You’ll leave with increased confidence in your ability to formulate, deliver, and measure your current and future Family Service Plans. 

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