Thanks for your input! Colorado shares statewide birth through 5 needs assessment and strategic plan

February 17, 2020

In 2018, Colorado was awarded a $5.8 million Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B-5) initial grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families and the U.S. Department of Education. This funding was made available under the Every Student Succeeds Act and was targeted to help states build a quality early learning system for children from birth through age 5 and their families.

Through a robust stakeholder process, more than 6,000 Coloradans contributed to the development of a statewide birth through 5 needs assessment and strategic plan, including more than 5,000 families and caregivers of children birth through age 5.

“The needs assessment provides a deeper look into the challenges faced by families of young children, child care providers, community leaders, and others invested in the state’s early childhood system,” said Mary Anne Snyder, director of the Office of Early Childhood. “We are proud of the efforts made to have these same stakeholders, including more than 5,000 families, at the table to help shape our vision and identify viable solutions to ensure all Colorado children enter kindergarten ready to learn.”

The Office of Early Childhood is excited to share the following reports:

The initial PDG B-5 grant required the completion of a comprehensive, statewide birth through 5 needs assessment of the current landscape of the early care and education mixed-delivery system, which resulted in Colorado Shines Brighter: Opportunities for Colorado’s Early Childhood System.

View the full report or download and print the Twelve Key Findings from the 2019 Birth through Five Needs Assessment brief.

The Colorado Shines Brighter Birth through Five Strategic Plan, 2020-2025 includes opportunities to maximize the availability of high-quality early care and education options for low-income and underserved families across providers and partners; improve the quality of care; streamline administrative infrastructure; and improve state-level early care and education funding efficiencies.

View the full report here or download and print the Strategic Plan At-a-Glance here.

Join the Office of Early Childhood to discuss Colorado’s early childhood system

You spoke and the Office of Early Childhood listened. Last year, stakeholders around the state told us what was needed to create an early childhood system that supports all Colorado children and families. Continue the conversation — join us to discuss how the Colorado Shines Brighter Strategic Plan will shape Colorado’s early childhood system. View event information here.

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