Thank you, Colorado caseworkers!

September 20, 2021

On behalf of the entire Colorado Department of Human Services, we want to thank child welfare caseworkers for their dedication to children, youth and families.

“Caseworkers play a vital role in strengthening Colorado families,” said Joe Homlar, Director of Child Welfare at the Colorado Department of Human Services. “Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, caseworkers have continued to meet with families in their homes and are working especially hard to support families as they are enduring additional stressors brought on by the pandemic. Being a parent is no easy task and Colorado caseworkers have shown how dedicated they are to keeping families together and ensuring that families have access to the resources that they need.”

While out-of-home placements with a kinship family, foster family or in a group setting are necessary in some situations, child welfare caseworkers can serve approximately 70% of kids and families without separating them. In the past 12 months, Colorado child welfare caseworkers … 

  • Conducted more than 40,371 assessments to partner with families to ensure children and youth are safe. They continued doing this essential work in person throughout the pandemic
  • Successfully reunified 2,978 children and youth with their families
  • Found adoptive families or permanent guardians for 2,194 children and youth, and supported more than 2,744 certified kinship and foster families

“Caseworkers exemplify what is most important to Colorado — healthy children and families,” Homlar said. “I appreciate all that caseworkers do every single day and want to encourage anyone who is interested in social work to learn more about the difference they can make in a family's life by becoming a child welfare caseworker.”  

Counties across  Colorado are actively recruiting caseworkers. Anyone who is passionate about helping families should learn more about what is required to become a caseworker and to be connected to potential scholarships or stipends for certification. Additional information is available on


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