Supporting Two-Spirit and LGBTQ+ Youth

June 12, 2019

In recognition of June as Pride Month, the Center for Tribes is offering Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ resources for child welfare professionals.

Walking in two Worlds: Understanding the Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ Community This recorded webinar discusses the historical roles and identities of Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ+ people, how historical and intergenerational trauma has impacted this community, and the efforts to bring back balance, beauty, and acceptance.

Supporting Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQ Youth This recorded webinar offers education on Native LGBTQ and Two-Spirit identities and explores answers to the questions: How can tribal communities welcome their Two-Spirit relatives back into their circles? What can child welfare agencies do to create a safe and welcoming environment? How can those who work with youth protect and support the Two-Spirit/Native LGBTQ+ individuals in their care?

Working with Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQ Youth This resource list shares information designed to raise awareness and encourage tribal child welfare professionals to think through how they can better support Two-Spirit and/or Native LGBTQ+ children and youth.

Find more resources on the Center’s website.

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