Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Awareness Month & safe sleep social media tool kit

September 24, 2018

Below are a few sample social media posts to help county and community partners raise awareness during the October 2018 Sudden Infant Death Awareness Month.

#PROTIP – Raising awareness this month to prevent child abuse? Tap into popular hashtags: #CO4Kids #childabuseprevention #childabuseawareness

October is Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUIDS) Awareness Month. Many parents may have heard about sudden infant death syndrome (SUIDS) and want more information about what it is and how to reduce the risk. In honor of SUIDS Awareness month, we’ll be sharing tips throughout the month that parents and caregivers can use to help reduce the risk of SUIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths

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Now that Fall is officially here and we’ve rolled into cuddle season, reduce #SUIDS risk by sharing your room with baby. Keep baby close to your bed, but on a separate sleep surface made for babies for at least the first 6 months. #CO4Kids #SUIDSAwarenessMonth #Safesleep  

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Place your baby on his or her back for all sleep times - for nap and at night to help reduce the risk of #SUIDS #CO4KIDS

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Looking after your grandbaby? You might be surprised at how much infant care has changed since your babies were little, especially with regard to safe infant sleep. Check out this video for grandparents and other trusted caregiivers to familiarize yourself with up to date safe sleep information. #CO4Kids #SUIDSAwareness

Myth: SUIDS can be prevented. Fact: There is no known way to prevent SIDS. But there are ways to reduce your baby's risk. Here's how. #SafeToSleep #SUIDSAwarenessMonth

Are you obsessed with babies sleeping safely? So are we! Check out the Safe Sleep Photo Contest that will take place in October. 

Do you know what a safe infant sleep environment looks like? Share this example, or take a pic of your baby, grandbaby, niece, or nephew sleeping safely and share it with your followers. Be sure to use #SafeSleepSnap in your post!  Remember: safe sleep environments are firm, flat, & free of soft and loose items. Babies sleep safest on their backs! #SafeToSleep Don't forget to enter the Safe Sleep Photo Contest with your photo for a chance to win the honor of selecting a nonprofit organization to receive up to $1,000 in grant funds to support families and prevent child maltreatment.! 

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