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March 9, 2020

Before you have kids you never REALLY know how much it means to get a little help. Those little things make a BIG difference when you are trying to make #greatchildhoods happen at home. This Inspiration Center is created to highlight the everyday moments between everyday people that can make #greatchildhoods happen, as well as the events and special pinwheels for prevention activities happening in EVERY county of Colorado in 2020. 

Share your REAL stories. Help recognize the places and people who make #greatchildhoods happen in your community. Tell the story behind the pinwheels. Where did you decide to plant your garden? Who did you give your pinwheels to and why?   

Submit your inspiration story before March 18, 2020
You may be invited to speak at the Colorado Department of Human Services Child Abuse Prevention Month Launch on April 7th at the Colorado State Capitol 9 a.m. EVERYONE is invited to attend! Parents and caregivers who aren't camera shy, may be invited to the podium at this event to recognize that special someone in your parenting life.   

Read more on the COPinwheelsForPrevention 

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