Online application to launch in June

June 3, 2020

This month the Office of Children Youth and Families and the Division of Child Welfare will launch an online application that Coloradans can use to apply to become a foster, kinship or adoptive parent. The application will be hosted on at and will be available on June 15. The goal of offering the application online is to make the application process easier for applicants and certifying organizations.

Applicants will select the county or child placement agency they are working with and the organization will be granted access to their application. Applicants may complete the application in English or Spanish and will have 60 days to complete their application. Only the organization the applicant is applying with will have access to the application. Interested parties who are not yet working with a county or child placement agency and would like to know more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent will be directed to complete the inquiry form

Counties and CPAs who would like to put the application on their websites can request the embed code by contacting Adrienne Cooper. 

All users who will have access to the submitted applications will need to set up a Ping ID (two-step verification account needed for security) upon receipt of your agency’s first submitted application. A job aid will be provided that details step-by-step instructions. The Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) has created application access accounts for county and CPA organizations that currently have inquiry form access. For CPAs, access can be expanded beyond the Supervisor Profile. If other Trails users within your agency would like a Ping ID login, County Security Administrators will need to submit an online request for users to be added to the CDHS_fostercare_agents user group; CPA users will have to submit a similar request through their specified access request path.

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