New training opportunity - Marijuana, Children and Families

Now that Colorado allows the use and cultivation of marijuana, have you ever felt confused about how to address its presence in your work with families? What do the laws really mean? And what are the possible hazards that marijuana poses to children and youth?

Take the course Marijuana, Children, and Families to get the information you need to build child safety and promote healthy families in this changed legal landscape.

Through scenario-based activities, you’ll

  • explore your own values and beliefs about marijuana,
  • explore child welfare considerations and best practices related to marijuana,
  • enhance your competencies for responding to challenging situations, and
  • leverage your existing knowledge and practice approaches.

You’ll feel more confident about your decision-making ability in difficult cases, and you’ll be better prepared to engage with families in individualized case planning.

Learners receive 6.5 training credit hours for completing this classroom course. Please note that Legalized Marijuana: Considerations for Child Safety WBT is a prerequisite for this course.

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