New Report: Parental History of Adversity and Child Well-being: Insights from Colorado

October 3, 2017

The Office of Early Childhood (OEC) is excited to announce the release of Parental History of Adversity and Child Well-being: Insights from Colorado, a new report that looks at rates of adverse experiences in Colorado's adult population and how these may impact their children. 

The research was conducted through a partnership between the OEC's Early Childhood Mental Health Unit and Dr. Sarah Watamura of the University of Denver, with support from the Ben and Lucy Ana Walton Fund of the Walton Family Foundation.

Key findings of the research include:

  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) impact the physical and mental health of adults, as well as the health and well-being of the next generation.
  • ACEs are preventable with strong family supports, family-centered prevention programs, and early identification and intervention when there are concerns.
  • Knowing that a high percentage of Colorado’s adult population experienced a high number of ACEs, we need to start asking, "What might have happened to you?” instead of “What's wrong with you?".
  • Children and parents are resilient and have strengths that can be supported through investments, programs, or other means to change individuals’ negative direction and enhance the future of all Coloradoans.

Download the full report to learn more.

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