New foster parent steering committee forms

Foster parents provide a critical service to the community as caretakers who spend every day with a child involved in the child welfare system. In 2016, the Annie E. Casey Foundation published a report titled “A Movement to Transform Foster Parenting,” which provided guidance to public child welfare agencies that could and should be taken to support foster parents. Recognizing the significant shortage of foster parents in Colorado as well as a need to explore many of the recommendations in the Casey Foundation report, the Child Welfare Executive Leadership Council has authorized the Division of Child Welfare to form a Foster Parent Steering Committee.

This steering committee will reflect on feedback from foster parents, explore best practices to better support foster parents, assess systemic issues impacting foster parenting throughout Colorado and develop recommendations to address identified challenges.

These efforts should promote reunification when it is in the best interest of the child, increased placement stability, decreased maltreatment in out-of-home placement and ensure all families are healthy. In order to accomplish this, steering committee members are asked to actively participate, commit to the timeframes identified below and participate in subcommittees researching solutions or national practices.

Foster parents, community stakeholders and county departments of human services are encouraged to participate. To become a member of this steering committee, please contact Ann Rosales at (303) 866-3538 or

This steering committee will meet for one year and report recommendations to the Child Welfare Executive Leadership Council. The steering committee will:

  • Meet twice monthly  on the 1st and 3rd Mondays beginning October 1, 2017 from 10:00 am - 2:30 pm, with conference phone availability;
  • Be co-chaired by a state staff person and a foster parent, with alternates as needed;
  • Allow time for public comment at each meeting; and,
  • Subcommittees may be formed and meet separately as needed.

For more information, including meeting locations and agendas, please visit the webpage at:

Read Information Memo IM-CW-2017-0034, which announced the formation of the steering committee.

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