Maximizing Impact: Implementing Medicaid-Reimbursed EBPs in Child Welfare

In a climate of increasing need and tightened budgets, child welfare agencies are constantly looking for ways to ensure not only access to services for children and families, but also their effectiveness and sustainability.

California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare (CEBC) is hosting a a 60-min webinar to discuss how Medicaid-reimbursed EBPs offer some solutions for the child welfare population and explore how public child welfare agencies, advocates, and providers can collaborate with their Medicaid agencies to explore adding EBPs to their service arrays.

Morgan Cole from the Annie E. Casey’s Child Welfare Strategy Group will provide insights into the process and considerations child welfare agencies should expect in pursuing Medicaid reimbursement for new evidence-based services, while Shannon Fagan and Ebonnie Simmons-Vazquez from Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services will walk through their successes in doing so in Pennsylvania.

By the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the benefits of Medicaid reimbursement for child welfare services
  • Establish familiarity with the process and considerations of collaborating with a state Medicaid agency to implement new services
  • Illustrate an example of successfully implemented Medicaid-reimbursed EBPs, including the approval process and financing structures"

Register for the free webinar here!

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