Juvenile Parole Board seeking applicants

September 8, 2020

The Colorado Juvenile Parole Board (JPB) is seeking applications to fill an open citizen position immediately. Members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. 

The mission of the JPB is to promote public safety by using statutory criteria in the best interest of the juvenile and victim when reintegrating the juvenile into the community. The Board has independent authority to grant, deny, modify, suspend, or revoke, and specify conditions of parole for all juvenile delinquents adjudicated to the CDHS Division of Youth Services. 

The JPB is a nine-member, Type 1 transfer board, placed in the Office of Children, Youth and Families, within the Department of Human Services (CDHS). Links to the JPB’s enabling legislation can be found at 19-2-206, C.R.S and 19-207, C.R.S. Additional information regarding the board can be found on the JPB website.

Members serve four-year terms and may serve no more than two terms. JPB members are responsible for reviewing juvenile files prior to hearings, conducting hearings at least two full days a month and for attending the statutorily required full board meeting once a month, typically for a half day.  These hearings are held statewide within several state facilities. To ensure that the work of the JPB is not a financial burden to its members, citizen members receive a daily per diem ($150 per full day and $75 per half day of work) for transacting official business of the Board. Travel expenses may also be reimbursed, pursuant to state fiscal rules.

Submit an application to join the JPB.

Questions? Contact Lee Ann Brabec, Administrator to the Colorado Juvenile Parole Board, leeann.brabec@state.co.us or 303-866-5977. 

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