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September 5, 2018

Child welfare work is not rocket science; it is much harder and more complicated, and often requires life-changing decisions by child welfare professionals, a message from the the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI).

September is National Workforce Development month and the CO4KIDS Campaign will be supporting NCWWI efforts to serve and support those who tackle the hard work of child welfare.

Join the conversation #CWworkforce. Connect with other professionals in Colorado who've dedicated their lives to children and families #CO4KIDSworkforce.

The reality of the challenges of child welfare work—low pay, a ton of paperwork, massive caseloads, and upset parents—masks the motivation of competent committed, and resilient child welfare staff who believe they can make a difference in a world of troubles and hard knocks. And with persistence and skills, they do make a difference!

The child welfare workforce is an agency’s most important asset and a community’s link to improved outcomes for children, youth and families

Join the #CO4KIDSworkforce and watch a Caseworker Realistic Job Preview Video at co4kids/careers.

Visit for a complete communications toolkit including the following information:



Celebrate Worker Recognition Day - One Heart Can Make a Difference

September 20, 2018

To celebrate Worker Recognition Day, NCWWI and the Children’s Bureau are co-hosting a live virtual event that will be kicked off by Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner of the Children's Bureau. The opening message will be followed by an informative, inspirational and purpose-driven presentation, One Heart Can Make a Difference: Impacting Lives through Dynamic Service Excellence by Mark Anthony Garrett. It will address how every person within the child welfare system has the power to be a difference maker when their heart is emotionally connected to the jobs they perform. Registerand get tips on hosting your own viewing party (includes customizable event flier).




Say Thank You

When is the last time you thanked a colleague and/or employee for a job well done? Praise costs nothing and yet contributes to higher levels of engagement; improves morale, trust, and relationships; and decreases turnover (Gallup) and yet employees say they don't get enough praise! Here's some tips for being successful and if you'd like, share your message of support! Share by including the hashtag #CWworkforce and/or by completing our online form. We want to hear from child welfare managers/administrators thanking staff; from child welfare staff who want to share what motivates you to do this work and/or how this work makes a positive difference; and by those that would like to thank a child welfare worker for helping you/your family. Thanks for all you do to support children & families!




Host a Film Festival

Get inspired by leaders in agencies & universities that took an innovative approach to improve the organizational culture, support the child welfare workforce, and achieve better outcomes for the families they serve. View the Real Stories Tool Kit and choose one or more relevant videos. Then bring together colleagues/staff, students, and/or community members to have a rich discussion about how to apply lessons learned at your agency. Want to share pics from your film festival or ask the producers questions? Tweet using the hashtag #RealStoriesFilmFest and we'll respond on Twitter.




Keep Learning

We get that you have limited time and yet you want to keep learning. That's why we developed various ways for you to learn so you can choose from whatever is most convenient for you! Check out our infographic to learn more.




Spread the Word

In September, we hope you'll share resources available on that may benefit your colleagues/staff/students. Feel free to use any content from this page and customize it for use in newsletters, websites, and social media. We also encourage you to download a zipped file of all the campaign resources. Last but not least, we will be 
tweeting/posting multiple times a day with the hashtag #CWworkforce, so feel free to RT/share our posts or choose from the pre-written messages below:

  • September is Workforce Development Month and the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute will be posting resources, toolkits & stories daily to support you in the hard work you do to assist families. Learn more at #CWworkforce
  • To celebrate Worker Recognition Day on September 20, NCWWI and the Children's Bureau are co-hosting a live virtual event titled "One Heart Can Make a Difference: Impacting Lives through Dynamic Service Excellence." Register & learn how to host your own viewing party:
  • When is the last time you thanked a colleague/employee for a job well done? Be sure to thank them during Workforce Development Month: #CWworkforce
  • [Infographic] Ways to keep learning even when you have limited time: #CWworkforce
  • Check out these 8 resources to support the child welfare workforce: #CWworkforce
  • One-stop-shop for resources, tool kits & stories to support the child welfare* workforce: #CWworkforce
  • How can you support the child welfare workforce? Start here: #CWworkforce
  • The child welfare workforce does so much to support families in crisis. Workforce development is key: #CWworkforce
  • Caseworkers are first responders. Resources to support them: #CWworkforce
  • Working in child welfare can be overwhelming. Share information, tips & resources: #CWworkforce
  • Working on a change initiative in child welfare? See what's working for other agencies: #CWworkforce

NOTE: On Twitter, replace child welfare with #childwelfare and our full name with @NCWWI

Special thanks to ​Lara Bruce, MSW with the Butler Institute for Families at University of Denver for sharing this information with the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Public Awareness Campaign to help promote this effort in Colorado. 

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