It’s Pinwheel Planting Season!

March 7, 2021

Every day, Illuminate Colorado helps positive childhood experiences take root. Planting pinwheels represent the bright childhoods we all want for children. Since 2009, as the Colorado Chapter for Prevent Child Abuse America, Illuminate Colorado has led an effort to distribute pinwheels throughout our state to raise awareness for the prevention of child abuse and strengthening families. 

And since the beginning of the Pinwheels for Prevention® Campaign in Colorado, Illuminate Colorado's collective efforts have grown exponentially with hundreds of local organizations and individuals distributing more than 50,000 pinwheels each year. It was an amazing effort, that is until last year. Just as they were getting started distributing pinwheels the pandemic hit Colorado and Illuminate Colorado has been storing approximately 40,000 pinwheels in their offices ever since.

And while life may have not returned to normal yet, Illuminate is not going to let that deter them from doing what their organization always does this time of year – get ready for Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. However, they also know they can’t rely on their tried and true strategy of connecting with community organizations, early childhood councils, human service agencies, advocates and schools to inspire their communities to strengthen families. Those folks are busy and STRESSED dedicating their careers to creating positive childhood experiences and supporting people parenting during this incredibly stressful time in all of our lives.

This year, Illuminate Colorado is looking to you – our friends, families and neighbors – to plant pinwheels in your front yards or neighborhoods as a symbol of support for the bright childhoods we all want for children. We know we need this reminder now more than ever. 

To that end, Illuminate Colorado is excited to announce that – for the first time thanks to the generous support of their Board of Directors and the philanthropic community – Illuminate Colorado is giving away 40,000 FREE Pinwheels for Prevention® to inspire ​Coloradans to grow a better tomorrow for all children, together.



Join Illuminate Colorado in planting the seeds of a better tomorrow for children and families in your community by visiting to get your free pinwheels TODAY.  

There is a limit of 100 FREE pinwheels per household or organization and shipping and handling costs are not included in this special offer. 

This article originally appeared on Illuminate Colorado's News Blog. To read the entire article click here

What are your plans for 2021 Child Abuse Prevention Month? Add them to our event page or send us an email.

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