Four-part discussion series on financial claiming under Family First

July 13, 2021

Please join the Colorado Department of Human Services and the Colorado Human Services Directors Association in discussions about how claiming for prevention services under Family First will work in Colorado.

Detailed agendas are forthcoming, but the topics we plan to discuss during the sessions are as follows:

Session 1 - August 12

  • The difference between traditional IV-E and Family First IV-E
  • Colorado's Children's Trust Fund Act
  • Intersections of CORE & the Trust Fund

Session 2 - August 19

  • Resources for counties to understand claiming
  • Blending & braiding of funding to support prevention services

Session 3 - August 24

  • Impact of Family First claiming on prevention providers outside of Child Welfare
  • New requirements under Family First for prevention service providers

Session 4 - August 31

  • Changes to the placement continuum & how it affects funding
  • Review of the CDHS fiscal analysis

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