Facebook Live: What can we do to help Colorado children and teens in foster care?

“We’re not like birds – you don’t push us out of the nest and we fly automatically.”

These are the words of Sarah Janeczko, 21, who emancipated from foster care in Colorado at age 18. Sarah’s experience is just one of the stories Denver Post reporter Jennifer Brown is publishing in her series on teens in foster care who emancipate. CDHS hosted Jennifer for a discussion about her series and what can be done to improve foster care in a Facebook Live on May 24.

Jennifer was joined by foster parents Jennifer Rodriguez and Heather Gonzales, who is also a board member for the Colorado State Foster Parent Association, Jenny Bender, executive director of CASA of Colorado and a foster and adoptive parent, Mary Greger, a CASA volunteer at Child Advocates-Denver CASA, and Juanita Belle, a CASA volunteer with CASA Volunteer Advocates for Children – CASA.

State Representative Jonathan Singer and Kristin Melton and Riley Kitts, both CDHS employees, joined the conversation later to discuss recent legislation passed in Colorado to improve outcomes for students in foster care and to provide additional resources, including child care assistance, to foster parents. 

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