Dads, you are on duty - it's time to learn the ABCs of Safe Sleep,

Baby Cali Robinson was three pounds two ounces when she came home from the hospital. She was on oxygen and dad, Duane Robinson, wanted her to sleep in the bed with him and his wife because he was worried about her. Mom, Dianna, who also happens to work at the Colorado Department of Human Services, knew that wasn't a good idea. After convincing him that co-sleeping was dangerous, Diana also convinced Duane to star in a safe sleep video produced by Denver Public Health and Families Forward Resource Center

Sleep related deaths, such as accidental suffocation and SIDs, are the leading cause of preventable death in babies 1-12 months old. Babies who are 2-4 months of age are at the highest risk of sleep related deaths. Dads today spend triple the time caring for their children as dads 50 years ago did. This campaign shares with fathers how "You, as the Dad on Duty, have the chance to make a real difference in keeping your baby safe." 

Dads on Duty
Video Credit: Denver Public Health

According to the Safe Sleep Academy Dad's Corner, with more dads staying home to take care of their children, it is important for both parents to know how to give their baby the safest sleeping environment possible. Here's how:

Remember the ABCs of Safe Sleep!

A, Alone – No bed-sharing. Infants should never be placed to sleep in bed with a parent, sibling, or another caregiver. Nothing should ever be in the crib with an infant. 

B, Back – An infant should never be placed to sleep on their side or stomach. Placing a baby to sleep on their stomach doubles the risk of death

C, Crib – Infants should always sleep in safety-approved cribs, bassinets, or portable cribs. Their sleep environment should be free of any soft objects (pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and/or bumper pads). The crib mattress or portable crib mat should be firm with only a tight-fitting sheet on it.

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