Colorado receives National Outstanding Performance Award for Interstate Compact for Placement of Children

November 23, 2020

In the 2017 APSR report, Colorado reported completing out-of-state home studies during SFY 2015 at 32.5% timely (60 days or less), and changes needed to take place.

Following this report, regional statewide trainings were created and implemented for all Colorado counties. Specialized Interstate Compact for Placement of Children (ICPC) training for residential facilities were incorporated into their business plan. Onsite and virtual trainings were conducted for child placement agencies (CPAs). Web-based training for out-of-state placements was enhanced and updated on the state portal. Technology changes were incorporated to replace manual processes and increase efficiencies for faster processing of residential and CPA requests. A partnership with Provider Services was implemented to ensure licensing and monitoring standards were maintained. One-on-one technical support was given to counties, residential facilities, and CPAs with case-specific demands. Counties, CPAs and residential facilities took all of this information and put it to work. 

The culmination of these efforts presented itself this past week.  Colorado received the 2019-2020 Outstanding Performance Award at the Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (AAICPC) 2020 Annual ICPC Training, Business, and Health and Human Services Updates Meeting on October 28th and 29th. Colorado was nominated and received the award following a vote by ICPC peers in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the American Virgin Islands. 

The Division of Child Welfare wants to congratulate all the Colorado counties, the Colorado Regional Child Care Facilities (RCCFs), and the Colorado child placement agencies (CPAs) who accept out-of-state placements and process these requests superbly. We also want to congratulate Lutheran Family Services, Inc. for their timeliness of processing private and international adoptions. 

Colorado’s counties, CPAs and RCCFs were recognized for completing home studies timely in compliance with the Federal Safe and Timely Act. They were also recognized for the quality of their home assessments and documentation included in their ICPC requests. In addition, they were recognized for their communication efforts, engaging with other states in a collaborative manner, assessing the needs of children and youth across the nation to ensure their safety and to ensure their needs were being met. 

The Division of Child Welfare celebrates all of the hard work counties are doing and have been doing. This award illuminates Colorado's practices and communications are impacting children, youth, and families on a national level in a very positive way. Let's keep strong and continue to improve our practices and protocols to have an ongoing positive impact across this nation. 

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