Colorado families weigh in on ways to fight cabin fever

March 20, 2020

With schools across the state closed, many parents are trying to find creative ways to keep their children occupied at home. Colorado parents weighed in on Facebook with creative ideas and resources for fun and educational activities children of all ages can do at home. 

Online Activities

Nima Nelson and Angela Reyes Wilson from Denver recommended Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube.  

To get kids up and moving, Melissa Johnson in Aspen recommends Go Noodle on YouTube. 

Bobbie Shepherd said her kids are learning to braid hair by watching YouTube tutorials.

James Osteen of Colorado Springs let us know that KKTV Channel 11 is doing  Facebook Live weather classes and science experiments for kids. You can learn more about their children’s programming here. James also recommended The Best Ideas for Kids, which has tons of crafty activities for kids. 

Camille Miller recommended this list of gifted and talented enrichment activities with links to tons of virtual enrichment activities arranged by grade level.

Learning in the Kitchen

If your kids have a longer attention span, Bobbie Shepherd also recommends making a rainbow cake, which takes five hours. Measuring for baking can help kids learn math. 

Barb Topliss from Canon City suggested making homemade bread and talking about how the yeast makes the bread rise.


Christina Johnson from Denver suggested creating a STEM Mystery Bag. Place discarded household items (packaging, straws, paper towel roll, etc.) in a bag and challenge your child to make something from those objects. If a younger child needs more prompting, you could specify that they make a robot, etc. from the items in the bag.

Quiet Time

Bonita Applebum said, “Every other day my five-year-old picks a person to write a letter to then writes it. Then the opposite day is reading for at least 30 minutes. In between its legos, crafts, outdoor time, and yoga and/or meditation.”

Colorado teacher Jeanette Montelongo said her son has been, “researching the king of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex, planted a mushroom garden in a box, and has done a few art projects along with math and reading as well as helping out with some cleaning. Fun times!!!”

Get Creative

Melanie DeAnn suggested putting playdough on a cookie sheet and making a marble maze or painting with marbles. Melanie also suggested making an educational scavenger hunt and having your kids find objects hidden around your home. 

Have an idea to share? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know how you’re avoiding cabin fever.

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