CO9to25 Annual Survey Please Participate Now, Deadline April 20th

Please support CO9to25 by passing along our Annual Survey the deadline is April 20th, 2018 by midnight.  

This survey was developed in order to learn from our youth-serving organizational partners throughout Colorado. The goal of this survey is to use your input to inform and improve the ways that CO9to25 can support individuals and organizations and inform the State Youth Development Plan.  

Your voice is a valuable voice in helping CO9to25 strengthen the work we do and inform policymakers of the needs across our state. The information provided in the survey will inform the gaps analysis for the State Youth Development Plan.   We are exploring if youth in Colorado can access the services they identify they need, if the services are equitably distributed, if organizations are coordinating to provide these services as wraparound, and these if organizations are applying a PYD approach. In addition to this survey, we are conducting focus groups, surveys, and key informant interviews. 

Please participate if you are :

1) A youth serving direct service organization, or 2) A youth funder (state, foundation, or other).    In order to collect the most useful data possible, we are interested in programmatic results. If you have multiple programs at your organization we would appreciate each program lead filling out the survey. 

The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. We have tried hard to ensure that the questions are quick and easy to answer including multiple choice and checkboxes with very few fill in the blank.  If you are unable to answer a question you can skip it and still submit the survey.  The information you are providing is very valuable and no one else is collecting it.  We hope you consider taking the time to ensure your voice and organization is included in our results.  

The link that you received to complete the survey is not uniquely tied to your email contact information. However, if you use the same computer to start and finish the survey, you will be able to step away from the survey and finish later if needed by using the same computer and web browser when you re-open the link. All responses you submit before hitting “Next” for each completed page will be saved. You can also submit a partially completed survey and then complete it at a later time by using the same link, computer, and browser to restart where you left off. We are happy to share this data back with you as a participating organization. The deadline for completion of the 2018 CO9to25 Survey is April 20th, 2018, by Midnight.

Thank you for all you do for youth and for helping us to improve the work of CO9to25 and your State Youth Systems!  Click here to take the survey:

Visit for more information or contact us at

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