Celebrating a Reunification Hero: David Willson

June 8, 2020

The Office of Respondent Parents’ Counsel is proud to recognize David Willson as a Reunification Hero. Dave has been an ORPC contractor practicing in Colorado Springs since July 2017. Dave came up through the Army JAG Corps where he did a lot of trial work. He hates injustice and loves the courtroom, so being a family defender is a perfect fit for Dave. While the courtroom drew him to the practice, getting to know his clients and their struggles keeps him focused on the work of keeping families together. Most of his clients have “grown up in the system.” Many of their problems are rooted in underlying trauma. He has a strong, personal understanding of this as he and his wife are raising their young niece and nephew. Their mother came up through the system and she has struggled. Dave has stepped in to help.

Dave balances his love of litigation with compassion and perspective. As a result, he is a terrific collaborator. He strives to listen to the many stories in a Dependency & Neglect case, carrying with him respect for all the parties and stakeholders. He fights hard without holding grudges and adjusts his tactics in a case when necessary. As a result, he is also well respected within the child protection community. With reunification as a consistent goal, he often has the opportunity to see cases get closed when he pushes them toward trial and to see parents succeed and have their efforts applauded.  For him, that is the best part of this work.

When told that he had been nominated by his colleagues as a Reunification Hero, Dave responded with characteristic humility and was quick to name others who also are doing amazing work for families. This reaction sums up who David Wilson is: A hero to parents and to other family defenders for his hard work and dedication to Colorado families. 

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