Celebrating Día del Niño - CO4KIDS Child Abuse Prevention Month en Espanol

Every April 30th, the holiday Día del Niño, or Day of the Child, is celebrated across Mexico and in many Latin American countries. Meant to honor the joy of children and childhood, kids enjoy special presents, activities and food meant just for them. It is a beautiful tradition also celebrated in many communities here in Colorado. Thanks to our partners at Hispanidad, CO4KIDS has built a culturally relevant marketing plan to help prevent child abuse and neglect in Colorado.  

Laura Sonderup, Managing Director with Hispanidad shares with us that, according to a recent Simmons national survey on Hispanics and language usage:

  • 17% use only Spanish
  • 25% use mostly Spanish
  • 34% use mostly English
  • 19% use English only

So, in one way or another, three-quarters of Hispanic adults prefer to speak at least some Spanish. 

"In Colorado, while the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey update suggests that approximately 17% of the state’s population speaks a “ language other than English at home,” we know that this number is likely under-reported based on audited audience (listener/viewer) numbers for Spanish broadcast media and an overall reluctance for many residents (particularly those from immigrant communities) to respond to government surveys." advised Sonderup. 

If you are planning to do outreach in your community, CO4KIDS has many tools in Spanish to help with your efforts including a flyer focused on strengthening famlies. 


CO4KIDS Child Abuse Prevention Month en Espanol

Download messaging and media materials en Espanol in the CO4KIDS Child Abuse Prevention Month toolkit - April 2018, including: 

  • CAPM Key messages; 
  • CAPM Media Alert Template;
  • CAPM News Release Template;
  • SAMPLE CAPM Public Service Announcements 2018;
  • Strengtheing families flyer; and  
  • Image highlighting April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month en Espanol. 


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