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Imagine if the faith community knew the needs of at-risk youth and families straight from the desk of the Department of Human Services (DHS). What if needs notifications came from a no-hassle email system without a bunch of meetings or red tape? Imagine 1,500 motivated, compassionate volunteers receiving requests on their computers and phones in real time... responding and making a positive difference. This is really happening now, and you can be a part of the movement wherever you are.

Careportal has impacted El Paso County in tremendous ways. In a little over a year, over 1,500 volunteers from 18 churches have met needs from DHS caseworkers by simply responding to an email. Over 1,011 children have been served as of November 2017. This success shows the faith-based community has a natural desire to be involved.

Among the many uplifting stories, here are a few examples. A request came in to assist a 15-year-old pregnant girl with diapers, wipes and bottles. The faith community responded not with just a few diapers, they gave the young lady a baby shower. A request came through for a bus pass so a mother would have transportation to visitation appointments, it was answered. Another request was for clothes for a woman’s 5-year-old son who would be starting school. The community responded with clothes and school supplies for the 5-year-old so he could begin school with his head held high.

A high schooler had a dream of being able to go to prom but did not have the resources to attend. Her caseworker found out and put a request on CarePortal. A family responded and provided a prom dress, shoes, everything she needed to have a meaningful experience. These inspiring interactions and provisions from a supportive community are making way for positive change, strengthening families. Those in need are being shown that people do care in the times when they need help the most.

Careportal’s mission coupled with its hassle-free organizational structure is the best-kept secret in Colorado Springs and is expanding to other regions in the state. Hundreds of caring volunteers are just waiting to help children and families in Colorado.

CarePortal members believe in fulfilling their faith-based mission as depicted in Matthew 25:40 and James 1:27. Go to to see how your community can be transformed.

Guest Author: Mike Worley, CarePortal, Beautiful Redemption. Mike is a Pastor, author, speaker but most importantly, a father. He is a biological father, foster father, adoptive father and grandfather with a heart for helping children in foster care; serving as many children as possible in his lifetime. He has spoken at CASA events, Royal Family Kids events and many churches in the Colorado community. Mike is the regional manager of Careportal. Careportal has currently served over a thousand Colorado kids in one years time and will continue to grow throughout the state.

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