Aspire 3D: Helping families build the foundation for a brighter future

September 29, 2020

Aspire 3D is a proud affiliate of the Loveland Housing Authority (LHA) and partners with them to provide families with opportunities to participate in on-site educational programs, recreation, health, and community leadership. Aspire 3D believes that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in life and education is the foundation for a brighter future. When parents have access to resources, supports, or coping strategies that allow them to parent effectively, even under stress, children thrive.

Aspire 3D in the community

Strong, healthy families are important and the key to children’s success. Aspire 3D’s Family Navigators work with parents to identify programs and resources that strengthen their families. Providing these services onsite, or giving a warm hand-off from one agency to another increases the ability for parents to participate and ultimately, their success.

Aspire 3D Kids Club is not just for kids. Kids Club brings together partners and programs to serve youth and families in the community, onsite where they live. Aspire 3D strives to improve children’s access to opportunities, to improve their readiness for school, reach grade-level reading, and improve graduation rates. Through partnership with the Mathew’s House and the Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program, Kids Club provides homework helper time as well as a youth leadership to empower youth to make a difference in their community. 

Aspire 3D strengthens families

By working with parents and children, Aspire 3D provides families with the education and tools to be successful as well as the support they often lack. Aspire 3D understands that many of the factors leading to increased risk of child abuse and maltreatment are prevalent with those that they serve. This includes lack of adequate, stable housing, socioeconomic inequality and instability, high levels of unemployment and poverty, and lack of family support. 

Providing a holistic approach to working with families, Aspire 3D addresses all facets of a family’s life, not just housing. Navigators work to identify the various needs of each family and determine which of Aspire 3D’s many partners can assist. Available resources include parenting classes, mental health treatment for unresolved trauma in parents and children, job placement, healthcare services, education for children and parents, and respite. Through this work, Aspire 3D becomes an initial support system and helps families to build a sense of self and family in their community. 

Social support plays a significant role in mediating and moderating some long term consequences of childhood maltreatment. Over the past 2 years, Aspire 3D has seen a significant decrease in the number of families at Orchard Place involved with family services. 

Aspire 3D understands that prevention requires a multisectoral approach. By providing a support system, a clear avenue for services, and education, Aspire 3D believes that they will continue to see a decrease in child abuse and neglect amongst the families that they serve. Providing onsite services, empowering families, and collaborating with partners are all ways to achieve this.


Memorable experiences at Aspire 3D

While there have been many memorable experiences with the children and their families, one of the biggest accomplishments of the efforts of Aspire 3D has been with the Parent Leadership Committee. This committee empowers parents, helps them understand they are worthy of more than their current situations, and that they can make a difference in and can be a contributing member of their community. Parents recognizing that they are valuable to the community has resulted in 100% of those parents finding employment—a great example of just how powerful helping someone see their worth can be. 

Maintaining hope on tough days

Remembering the many impactful moments that constantly occur, large and small, helps Aspire 3D staff to stay motivated on tough days. Knowing that fewer children are being abused, neglected, or taken from their homes. Keeping children safe, housed, and helping families break that cycle for generations to come. These are the things that keep us motivated and give Aspire 3D hope in the most difficult days.

The resources at Aspire 3D increase self-sufficiency, quality of life, and they promote prevention. Aspire 3D takes pride in resources available to families, veterans, and seniors living in low-income housing or transitioning out of homelessness. Aspire 3D is always evolving to meet the needs of the residents that they serve, including bringing distant education services to families, grandparents watching their grandchildren during the pandemic, mental health services, and life-skills to help families rebuild their foundation and flourish.

Aspire 3D is grateful to its many partners, donors, supporters, and advocates for bringing in a service desperately needed in their communities. We all play a role in strengthening families, if not you, then who?

The Colorado Department of Human Services CO4Kids campaign encourages all Coloradans to strengthen families and communities. If you know of an organization or individual working to strengthen Colorado families and communities that would like to be highlighted, please reach out to Dianna Robinson at

To learn about the signs of child abuse and neglect and for information about how to become a foster or adoptive parent, visit Call 844-CO-4-Kids to report concerns about child abuse and neglect. If a child or teen is in immediate danger, dial 9-1-1.

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If not you, then who?
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