2019 Kinship Navigator Model Kick Off

September 26, 2019

The Colorado Kinship Connection & Navigation Model (also known as Kinship Navigator Model) kick-off event was held on September 13, 2019. The goal of the Kinship Navigator Model is to strengthen the sustainable support community around children, teens and their families.

Funded pilot counties of the Kinship Navigator Model include Adams, Boulder, Mesa and Morgan counties. A kinship navigator can be assigned to young person who is involved in an open child welfare involvement (does not need to be court-involved) or who is entering a living arrangement/placement with a kinship caregiver. Arapahoe, Denver, El Paso and Jefferson counties will be participating in the pilot with no additional funding.

The intent of this pilot is to expand on the lessons learned in the Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project and expand them to better help families. The Kinship Navigator Model will purposefully integrate Family Search and Engagement, Facilitated Family Engagement meetings and Kinship Supports in order to provide a holistic approach of supporting families. The desired outcomes of the kinship navigator model include:

  • Increased placement stability
  • Decreased re-entry/re-involvement
  • Increased social connectedness
  • Increased exits to permanency/reunification
  • Maintaining sibling connections

For more information about the Kinship Navigator Model, contact Jeannie Berzinskas, jeannie.berzinskas@state.co.us or Tyler Allen, tyler.allen@state.co.us

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