July 24-30 proclaimed Youth Awareness Week

July 22, 2022

This week Governor Polis proclaimed July 24-30, 2022 Youth Awareness Week in Colorado.

WHEREAS, the Colorado Youth Leadership Network, as a tool of the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Welfare, is designed to align, integrate, and leverage collaborative youth service for positive youth outcomes by offering Youth Engagement Opportunities and Professional Development experiences for Youth Serving Professionals; and

WHEREAS, the Colorado Youth Leadership Network, which has been in existence for nine years and is comprised of 20 youth-serving state, local and private agencies, recognizes July 24th-30th, 2022 as the fourth annual Youth Awareness Week; and

WHEREAS, Youth Awareness Week will feature daily themes, Monday- Colorado Youth Creative and Expression Day, Tuesday- Colorado Youth Career and Education Day, Wednesday- Colorado Youth Leadership Day, Thursday- Colorado Youth Community Service Day and Friday- Colorado Youth Self Care Day; and

WHEREAS, the Colorado Youth Leadership Network will offer live/ virtual Professional Development and Training opportunities to youth-serving professionals on: positive youth development; and

WHEREAS, the Colorado Youth Leadership Network will recognize and celebrate youth accomplishments on civic and community engagement; and

WHEREAS, youth are our future leaders and regardless if they are within an institutional setting, cross-system or non-system–they are intelligent, passionate and resilient individuals and the Colorado Youth Leadership Network helps these youths achieve their goals; and

WHEREAS we need young voices in our communities in Colorado and across the country to lead us into a better future and through civic engagement the Colorado Youth Leadership Network helps prepare young adults for effective

THEREFORE, I Jared Polis, Governor of the State of Colorado, do hereby proclaim the time period between July 24, 2022 and July 30, 2022 as YOUTH AWARENESS WEEK

Learn more about Colorado's Youth Awareness Week on the CYAW website. 

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