Help us improve security in Trails and other state systems

July 25, 2019

The Colorado Department of Human Services' interoperability project is underway, and a component of this project requires the implementation of two-factor authentication across CDHS's information systems. Not sure what interoperability is? Learn more. Two-factor authentication is an additional security protocol that ensures that the user logging in to a system is who they say they are by requiring additional verification. This often includes but is not limited to entering a code that is texted to a user's phone or sent to an email address. Two-factor authentication is generally considered a best-practice for online security.

Child welfare users of Modernized Trails, please let us know what type of authentication would be most appropriate for how, when, where you interact with Trails Mod, keeping in mind where you are located and equipment you have or will have access to when you interact with Trails Mod, currently and in the future.

Please share your feedback and complete an online survey by August 2, 2019.

Two-factor authentication will NOT be implemented across the Portal/Trails Legacy.

CDHS and the Office of Information Technology OIT are working with counties, judicial districts, regions and facilities to conduct the following activities:

  1. Selecting and testing the options for two-factor authentication (help us by completing the survey)
  2. Scheduling the release of two-factor authentication at a time when there are no other planned Modernized Trails releases and/or hot fixes or service packs.
  3. Planning and delivering pre-release training and communication for two-factor authentication.
  4. Providing post-release support

What is interoperability?

Interoperability refers to an ongoing initiative to identify ways for various state systems (Trails, Medicaid, CBMS, etc.) to work together instead of in silos. In the short term, it will allow workers to look up a client across systems such as CBMS, CHATS, Trails and ACSES to see if a client is receiving services in those systems. In the long term, interoperability will provide the foundation for more effective data movement across systems to make the right information available to the right person at the right time.

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