Child welfare worker appreciation

September 12, 2022

This week is Child Welfare Worker Appreciation Week. This year we are asking for nominations of child welfare workers to celebrate throughout the year in order to increase the public's understanding of this complex work.

Caseworkers are everyday heroes who serve as a vital link between families and the services they need in order to thrive. It is important work and caseworkers should be celebrated for their dedication and contribution to their communities. Being a caseworker is not only fulfilling and meaningful but also a good-paying job that offers ample opportunity for advancement. 

The Office of Children, Youth and Families Division of Child Welfare at the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) is designing a campaign to raise awareness of and inspire appreciation for the important work that caseworkers do every day. By sharing caseworkers’ stories, we hope to inspire young adults to pursue a career in child welfare work.

The campaign will feature stories that highlight the positive aspects of caseworkers’ jobs and lifestyles from an individual caseworker’s perspective, such as the satisfaction of having a meaningful role in helping others, good pay and opportunities for advancement. These stories will be shared and promoted in blog posts on and via social media channels throughout the year. In addition, the PR team for CDHS will conduct media outreach to encourage local media outlets to share stories that celebrate caseworkers.

CDHS is looking for caseworkers to feature in this campaign and is requesting that county departments of human/social services recommend caseworkers who fit the criteria listed below:

  • Passionate about their work
  • Take a community-based approach to child welfare
  • Role model for others in the profession
  • Willing to share their story to be featured in CO4Kids blog posts and in media outlets

Take a few minutes to complete this short form to nominate a child welfare worker.

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