Call for participants for PRANS Under 18 Workgroup

April 25, 2022

The Division of Child Welfare (DCW) is seeking participants for a rule-writing committee regarding minors who have been identified as the person responsible for an incident of abuse or neglect. Recently, DCW and other partner agencies have received inquiries regarding adults whose employment opportunities have been negatively impacted due to a founded finding of child abuse/neglect that was made when they were a minor. In some cases, this person reported they were unaware of the founded finding prior to it being reported by the Background Investigations Unit when accessed for the person’s employment background check. 

The purpose of this rule writing committee is to explore current rule and practice to ensure there is alignment between multiple systems and access to fair employment opportunities for minors who are identified as a person alleged to be responsible for abuse and neglect. If you are a county partner, stakeholder, or other interested party who would like to learn more about the workgroup or participate, please contact Referral & Assessment Specialists Laura Carter-Beck and Brittany Noble ( &, who will be co-leading the workgroup. This workgroup will meet the second Wednesday of each month from 9 - 11 am beginning Wednesday, May 11.

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