Building trust to strengthen families

December 3, 2021

Shiloh House proudly meets youth and families where they need support most. Shiloh House offers a continuum of care for children, youth and families who are working to overcome the impact of abuse, neglect, trauma or family crisis. CO4Kids connected with Anna Miller, Chief Administrative Officer of Shiloh House, to discuss the many ways that Shiloh House works to strengthen families across Colorado. 

Anna has been with Shiloh House for 17 years and is proud to be connected to an organization that understands that asking for help can be difficult, but receiving help shouldn’t be. 

Programs to help strengthen families

Family Support Professionals at Shiloh House provide services to families in their homes or in other community settings. Services are based directly on the needs of the individual family.

Shiloh House is committed to meeting the mental health needs of youth and families across Colorado communities, so they provide trauma-informed individual and family therapy both in-home and in their offices. The organization focuses on preventative and wrap-around services, such as their Beyond the Walls program that provides support for youth ages 16-26 as they become successful, productive young adult members of their local communities. The Life Skills program is another resource offered by Shiloh House that teaches interview skills and other important life skills to youth. 

Anna says that a lot of the time families don’t ask for help because resources are so spread out, making it difficult. This is the reason that Shiloh House has worked to ensure that families they work with have access to available programs in their communities such as Parents as Teachers (PAT), father neighborhood connections, Parent Possible and more. These programs run out of one building in the communities to help support a “one-stop-shop” feel for families.


Residential Services at Shiloh House 

Residential programs are home-like settings where youth receive intensive therapeutic intervention to address behaviors and issues that affect their daily participation in the community. Residential programs at Shiloh House address a broad range of emotional and behavioral challenges while teaching life skills, providing quality educational services, and helping youth build healthy relationships with their families and their communities.

Starting with just one location dedicated to residential services 16 years ago, Shiloh House now has eight locations throughout the state.

How Shiloh House partners with county human services departments

Over the years, Colorado county human services departments began inquiring with Shiloh House for additional support in strengthening families. An increased need for services in Colorado communities helped to initiate the variety in the availability of services that Shiloh House offers today. 

About 90% of families referred to Shiloh House come from a county department of human/social services. Shiloh House steps in to support families within their own home. Families may also reach out to Shiloh House to request help without a referral from a county. 

Building trust with families 

Anna takes pride in Shiloh House’s reputation of having trust amongst families in their communities. Many families who contact the Shiloh House support line, available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, say that they learned about the line through another person in the community. 

“One of our founders, Vicki Ramirez, has always stated that Shiloh House operates like a turn boat, we can turn or make changes on a dime,” said Anna. “This is why we are so successful in working with families.”

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